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There is a ton of information in the book but if you want to get into action and change your relationship with the healthcare industry you need to do more than read.

This course guides you through each chapter with discussion questions to enable you to understand the concepts better and their implications for your own life. You can print out the workbook or complete online, participate in online discussions, and download other material such as check-lists and recipes.

Ways To Use This Course

  • Individual Study

    Use to help you think through the ideas in the book and ultimately get into action

  • With a friend or family member

    Discuss each chapter as you go along and support each other as you plan for change

  • Book Study or Small Group

    Read a chapter each week, work through the chapter lessons individually and then come together to discuss in a group setting

The Benefits

The workbook can be used in a variety of ways to get the best out of what you learn in the book.

  • Make sure you understand the concepts covered.

  • Think through how the topics covered apply to you and your life.

  • Get into action to transform your health.

  • Bring others along on your journey.


    1. How to Use This Workbook or Study Guide

    2. An Overview of the Materials

    3. Before you start . . .

    4. Live Reading

    1. Overview of Chapter 2

    2. Individual Application Questions

    3. Group Discussion Suggestions

    4. HR and Manager Application

    1. Overview of Chapter 3

    2. Individual Application

    3. Group Discussion Suggestions

    4. HR and Manager Application

    1. Overview of Chapter 4

    2. Individual Application Questions

    3. Group Discussion Suggestions

    4. HR and Manager Application

    1. Overview of Chapter 5

    2. Individual Application Questions

    3. Food Diary Template

    4. Eat More Plants List

    5. Healthier Breakfast Recipes

    6. Lunch and Dinner Recipes

    7. Glossary of Prescribed Diets

    8. Link: Sample Healthier Food Brands

    9. Group Discussion Suggestions

    10. HR and Manager Application

About this course

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  • 59 lessons

Narrated by the Author

Hear from Emma herself with video introductions to each chapter.

Emma Tekstra

Emma Tekstra, FIA, has spent her 30-year career in employee benefits as an actuary, pension consultant and global health thought leader with experience around the globe. She has a unique perspective on health and the healthcare industry itself given her experience and independent health research.

For 25 years Emma held various leadership positions at Willis Towers Watson (WTW), a global insurance brokerage and consulting firm. She has consulted to many of the world’s largest employers on their health, pension and other HR programs around the world.

Emma’s passion is to help individuals improve their health, and understand how to navigate a healthcare industry driven by profits. Emma has contributed to various publications and spoken at conferences around the world. She now provides independent consulting to employers looking for real solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees, and to health solution startup companies.

Additional Features

  • Downloads

    Includes helpful check-lists, recipes and resources that can be downloaded or printed for later reference.

  • Print or online

    The workbook can be printed for making written notes or completed online.

  • Discussion

    Participate in online discussion with other readers as you work through the chapters. You can also email the author with questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a time limit to complete the course?

    No, you have unlimited access to the workbook and all materials for the foreseeable future. That means you can take your time going through the course at your own pace.

  • Can I buy the workbook for a friend or my whole group?

    Yes, at the course check-out you can indicate that it’s a gift and the details will be sent to your recipient. You would have to purchase multiple times if buying for a group.

  • Is the book itself included in the course?

    No, you should purchase the book separately from the bookstore of your choice.

  • What if I have other questions?

    You can email us at any time at [email protected].

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